Cheap Ink Cartridges- Start Saving Money Now!

Cheap Ink Cartridges – Where to buy cheap ink?

Well, ink is not cheap! But that’s only if you insist on buying the name brands you are accustomed to buying. And what I’m here to tell you today is- stop ripping yourself off!

While not all off-brand inks are good; like if the ink falls off the paper- no kidding! or if it makes a grand mess when placing it in the machine, many are just as good as the name brands and are even produced by the same manufacturers that produce ink for Canon, Brother, Lexmark etc! ( Most of these companies focus their energies producing machines, & have another company manufacture the ink for them)

So with a little bit of research (don’t worry, we did that for you!) And a little bit of trial and error (each company/machine is a bit different), you’ll come out with ink that is roughly 1/4 of the price of the Brand name stuff! How Sweet?!

cheap ink

So here’s how to save money on ink: 

  1. Use a reputable store to purchase your aftermarket ink from. We have been using 4InkJets for years and have been very pleased. Use Promo Code VALPAK18 for 12% off compatible brands and 5% off Major Brands
  2. Just because your printer says you are running low, it doesn’t mean its time to change your cartridge! It may be time to consider ordering, but I’ve printed close to 500 sheets after the printer notified me, before I started to see pages coming out less than perfect. So buy it & store it near your printer so you’ll save & never be stuck.
  3. Don’t get fooled! Always check how many sheets it will print before deciding if its really a great deal. 
  4. If you really want to save even more, or if you forgot to order ink & now you are stuck, Here’s what to do when you see your ink really running low (like faded pages): Take out the cartridge, and turn it from side to side, Or upside down (depending on where the ink comes out from) then stick it back into the machine & Viola! Another two months worth of ink! (for me that is)

Examples of Cheap Ink Cartridges at 4InkJets:

I use Canon 128 in for my Canon ImageClass Printer. The compatible price is under $20 Shipped! (It prints 2100 sheets) Using the Promo Code above, I saved 80% off the price of genuine Canon ink!




SNAG more great deals here

  1. Thanks! The total for my compatible canon ink was $18.24 with the code you gave. Cant beat that!!

  2. As a Newbie, I am permanently browsing online for deals that can benefit me.
    Thank you

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