Free 5×7 Photo Card @ CVS!

Free 5×7 Photo Card @ CVS!

free 5x7 photo cardUse Promo Code SWEETHEART at checkout

Here’s a sneaky little tip: CVS sends you a promo if you leave things in your cart. I did & got 15% off to come back, but since its not a unique code, you can use it at any time!

Use Promo code CART15 TO SAVE 15% on the rest of your order

These free enlarged photos come around every few weeks. I used to ignore them (Like I’m really going to pick it up to save $3.00 on something that I wasn’t even intending to buy??)

One day I decided it’ll be wonderful to have a separate album for 8x10s. Ever since then, whenever I see 8×10 or 5×7 prints for free I order it. I pick it up whenever I end up passing the issuing store – weeks later. By now I have an impressive collection of real almost life-size portrait photos of the most momentous occasions of our lives.

NOTE: You must select same day pickup for the code to work

Not available on CVS Mobil





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