Guess Who Board Game for Preschool Kids

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Guess Who Board Game

The Guess Who Board Game usually retails at $14.99

Guess Who Board Game

Guess Who Game Features:

  • Features tabletop game boards and game pieces
  • Players try to guess each other’s mystery character
  • For 2 players
  • Includes 2 game boards, 48 face cards, 24 mystery cards, 2 scorekeepers, and instructions
  • Can you Guess the other player’s mystery character

Guess Who Board Game Rules:

There are very few rules for this game which makes it so simple for preschool kids to play.

  1. The youngest player goes first, beginning by asking the other player a characteristic found on on one of their 24 visible characters (both players have the same 24 tiles). Example: “ Does your character have brown hair?”
  2. If player 2 says “yes,” the asking player flips over all of the characters without brown hair. If they say, “no,” the asking player flips over the characters that have brown hair.
  3. Through the process of elimination, players will eventually be able to guess the name of their opponent’s character.
  4. Once you guess a name, the game is over so wait until you have one character standing
  5. Each player gets one yes or no question per turn.
  6. When a player successfully guesses their opponents hidden character then they win!


Guess Who Game Skills:

  • Turn taking
  • Speech -Your Child will have to speak clearly so that the other player can hear and understand him
  • Perceptive Analysis– Children will use perceptive analytical skills to observe each charcter and decide what makes them different from the other characters and therefore ask a specific targeted question.
  • Verbal Descriptions– YOur child will learn to describe various characteristics such as “Is your character bald?”



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