Hibag 12 Travel Compression Bags – Ziplock Close

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Hibag 12 Travel Compression Bags

Hibag 12 Travel Compression Bags

Hibag Premium Vacuum Storage Bags are perfect for moving & home & travel storage, saving 80% space for your home and suitcases, providing you the best storage solution.

Every bag at Hibag is uniquely designed with extremely thick material, smart zipper, specially designed valve and stay-one slider, to ensure air-tightness.


Hibag 12 Travel Compression Bags Features:

  • MUST-HAVE TRAVEL BAGS: The combo includes 12 bags (6 M size & 6 L size), saving up to 80% space no vacuum needed, providing a perfect storage solution for travel and home.
  • CONVENIENT SPACE BAGS: The zipper has one lower side and one higher side. It is easy to close and re-open. Separating the zipper when opening the bag is not a challenge any more!
  • SECURELY SEALED BAGS: The unique Double-Zip design has separated yellow and blue lines on each sides. Secure sealing is assured when they coincide.
  • DURABLE SPACE SAVER: The bags are manufactured under the strictest quality control standards using premium material, ensuring long-term storage in the compression bags.

Frequently asked Questions about the Travel Compression Bags:

Here’s how to use compression bags:

  1. Open the Bag
  2. Lay your clothes out inside the bag
  3. Zip the ziplock shut
  4. Roll the bag up starting from the zipper side- This will let out the extra air

It is very simple to use – There is no need to use a vacuum cleaner or a electric pump or a hand pump to suck air out. You only need to roll the bag from the zipper to the bottom and air is all pushed out. It’s perfect on the go.

Roll up travel compression bag

Do travel compression bags wrinkle clothes?

Not especially. Obviously it depends on what material you have, but they don’t seem to wrinkle the clothes.

Are the Travel Compression bags Reusable?




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