Mechanical Keyless Deadbolt Vs Digital Locks?

Mechanical Keyless Deadbolt Vs Digital Locks?

So you decided to go keyless, most likely because you keep misplacing your key precisely on those days that you were in a massive rush! Right? Or maybe you don’t want to worry about your door lock being picked. Great reasons, but which keyless deadbolt lock is best?

Newer technology is not always better. Here’s the proof! Many customers were excited to see the new digital keyless deadbolt locks. They look more chick, feel up with times & seem easier to open. However, customers have been disappointed when the battery runs out & you have to start scrambling to change it when you are rushing out the door…

Here we go through the Pros and Cons of each type of Keyless Deadbolt lock and you’ll decide for yourself which one makes the most sense to purchase (Oh sure, we’ll give you are opinion too… after all, thats what we’re about!)


Digital Keyless Deadbolt Lock


  • They have a nicer curb appeal
  • The numbers are easier to punch in leading to quicker entry


  • Batteries run out
  • Circuit boards that control electronic locks can fail, leaving you stuck.

Here are some real life complaints for the “new invention”

“Sometimes the door doesn’t register the entry and won’t let you in. This happens more often than it should. I also have to turn the knob 2 or 3 times before it unlocks. If I am too slow I miss the entry and have to start over.”

“If the wrong admin code is entered in 3x in a row, the unit will lock the user out for 15 min. at a time! A hard reset usually helps to solve this issue once the 15 min. has elapsed!” 

“A few days after I installed it, I got trapped for hours into my room. It malfunctioned.”


Mechanical Keyless Deadbolt Lock

Schlage Digital Keyless deadboltPros

Good old fashion “technology” won’t leave you stranded

Less probability of malfunctioning



A bit more clumsy

Numbers can be punched in using any order which makes it a tad easier to figure out the code (assuming someone is willing to systematically and try 95,040 possibilities of a 5 digit code)


So which lock should you choose?

We promised we’d give our expert advice, right?

Snaggerly Tip: We’d choose a good old mechanical combination lock for an outside door because it’s unlikely that a burglar would try 95,000 combinations systematically while standing outside your house and for the peace of mind of not having to worry about getting locked out. However, if you are looking to lock an interior door or safe – that would be a good time to buy a digital lock.


Snaggerly Tip #2: For Mechanical Deadbolts, we DO NOT RECOMMEND buying a cheap off brand (While its perfectly ok for many other products, we’ve seen many off brand locks malfunction & let you switch it open without using the combo! Follow snaggerly & you are sure to save your money on many many other products. For this one, get the best deal you can for a brand name product like Schlage, LockeyUSA or Kwikset


Best Digital Deadbolt Locks


Best Mechanical Deadbolt Locks






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