OXO Lazy Susan Turntable 11 Inch On Sale Now

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OXO Lazy Susan 11-Inch Turntable

OXO Lazy Susan 11-Inch Turntable

Organizing your cabinets? Do it right once & you won’t have to keep reorganizing! This OXO Lazy Susan will prove to be invaluable, especially if your cupboards are not as roomy as you’d like them to be. The idea of a lazy susan is to be able to reach the items in the back of a cabinet without having to unload the items that are blocking them.

OXO Lazy Susan-helps you reach the back of the cupboard:

The turntable allows you to give it a quick nudge & the back items are now in front. I like to use it for bottles & cans such as vitamins & sauces. (Especially the ones that are not uniform in size and shape!)

Oxo lazy susan 11 inch turntable

Organized Look & Feel:

The circular items don’t fit the square look of the Oxo vacuum sealed containers that I use for my dry ingredients, & I don’t want them just dumped into the cabinet. (Even when my daughter lines everything up by height – they somehow fall out of line) This lazy suzan grounds everything so you don’t end up with a mess.

Large Enough, but Small enough:

The lazy susan is large enough to fit lots of items on it, but at 11 inches, it’s small enough to fit in most cabinets. For larger, corner cabinets- you may want to use the 16 inch turntable which can hold larger items.

Oxo Lazy suzan 16 inch

Why is Oxo Good Grips Lazy Susan the best Turntable?

The turntable provides easy access to hard-to-reach items like spices, sauces or cleaning products. It can be used on countertops, tabletops and in cabinets. With non-slip feet and a deep ledge, the turntable keeps items upright and in place. The wide base design prevents the turntable from interfering with nearby items or walls as the top tray spins freely. It features durable white plastic construction that’s easy to clean and maintain. The sturdy design matches the brand name you’ve been trusting for your kitchen organization all along.

– Dimensions: 11” x 11” x 1.5”

– Weight: 0.9 lbs

– Usable Diameter: 9.25″



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