OXO Pop Container Sale-5 Pack-Airtight for Freshness!!

$34.99 $49.99

These OXO Pop Container Sale-5 Packs 

The OXO Pop Container Sale set usually retails at $64.00!

OXO pop container sale

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There’s nothing like a pantry organized with OXO containers! The uniform look that these containers have, make your pantry look like a store. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit your various needs. Best of all is the vacuum seal you achieve by pressing the button down. These will keep your items fresh for a while.

OXO Pop Container Sale Is Excellent Because:

  • These airtight, space-saving storage containers keep your dry foods fresh and your pantry organized
  • Push the button for an airtight seal, push again to release. Button pops up to double as a built-in handle
  • Shaped for maximum space efficiency; these stackable, modular canisters can be completely customized to fit any space
  • Each size is perfectly calibrated to store common household staples including cereal, flour, sugar, pasta, rice, coffee, nuts, snacks and more
  • Rounded corners are designed for easy pouring and lid unsnaps for thorough cleaning; silicone seal is dishwasher safe, hand wash other parts
  • Also great for storing crafts and toys, in the bathroom or office – the possibilities are endless

OXO Pop Storage Container Sale Sizes and Ideal Uses:

  • 1.5-quart Container is the ideal size for a 1lb bag of coffee beans
  • 2.1-quart Container is the ideal size for spaghetti, linguini, lasagne and more
  • 2.5-quart Container is the ideal size for rice, pasta, breadsticks and more
  • 3.4-quart Container is the ideal size for boxed cereal, lasagne and more
  • 4.0-quart Container is the ideal size for a 5 lb bag of flour or sugar


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