Retractable Banner Stand 36″ x 78.75″ Silver

Retractable Banner Stand 36″ x 78.75″ Silver

Purchasing Retractable Banner Stand with your custom banner already inside can retail over $250 (depending on the store)

retractable banner stand


Going to a trade show? Stop paying $250 for your banners! You can easily do it yourself for a fraction of the cost!

We started printing our own banners in-house since we do shows on a weekly basis, but if you only go twice a year, our recommendation is to get your banner printed & purchase your own stand. Believe it or not, they are re-useable! While it may take a bit of time to get used to, the mechanism is basically taping an adhesive strip to your banner & reinforcing it with clear packing tape. You will save money even if you dispose of it each time you use it, but you’ll definitely save more if you reuse it.

How to Reuse a Retractable Banner Stand

The next time you want to use it, just rip off the old banner using a clip to hold the retractable part (at the bottom) in place. (You don’t want it to disappear into the box). Then just tape on the new banner. Easy as pie!!

TIP– Just be careful to order the right size stand. Measure your paper & be sure to order a stand that could hold an extra 1/4 to 1/2 inch or is verified to be the correct size. (such as the one we link to) From our experience, many companies claim to hold 36″ wide paper, & when it comes, it actually fits 35.75 – forcing you to cut the banner which won’t end up looking too professional. We order stands from companies that actually run true to size only. When we need an interesting size, or if we are using paper instead of canvas, we order stands that claim to fit a paper a bit larger than needed so we know we’ll be covered. It’s fine to have extra room at the bottom should it actually be true to size- it’s practically unnoticeable.

The banner stand we are displaying is 36″ x 78.75″, but we’ve used many larger & smaller sizes flawlessly as well.

Pair it with Premier Imaging Deluxe Presentation Matte Art Canvas Paper for best results

(Comes out $1.68 per Sq foot)

Need Top Quality Vinyl? Canon Scrim Banner Vinyl

(Comes out $1.68 per $4.25/ foot)

For a cheaper version Pair with Kodak Heavyweight Matt Coated Paper

(Comes out $0.86 per sq. foot)

One great paper the Polypropylene Paper – its a lightweight Vinyl -great for indoors (& possibly outdoors too. The best part of using this paper is that it’s much more durable, so you don’t have to be super careful with it lest it tear!

(This one is just $0.79 per foot!)

Really Cheap Canon Matte Coated Paper – is great for everyday printing. Just be careful with the sides as you pull it up the retractable banner so it wont rip.

(.50 per foot)

Need Ink for your Canon Large Format Printer?

We recommend that you only use Canon ink. Best priced Ink here

Using compatible inks will void your warranty! (We do recommend compatible inks for home & small business machines. They are inexpensive and don’t break often. With the money you save buying compatible inks, you can buy a new printer every year!! SEE OUR INK BUYING GUIDE HERE


TIP: We use Fiverr to have professional graphics designers create our posters for only $5!!




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