Rummikub by Pressman Classic Edition

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Rummikub by Pressman Classic Edition

Rummikub by Pressman Classic Edition usually retails at $17.99

Rummikub by pressman Classic Edition

It’s really no surprise that Rummikub is so popular – it has all the elements that make a great game: it’s easy to learn and fast moving, it’s different every time it’s played, it combines luck and strategy, and it changes quickly so every player has a chance to win until the very end. Players take turns placing numbered tiles in runs and groups, rummy style. The ‘board’ continually changes as players adjust the tiles on the table. Be the first player to play every tile on your rack to win.

Rummikub by Pressman Classic Edition Features:

  • Ages 8 and up, 2-4 players

  • With more than 55 million units sold, Rummikub is one of the most-played games worldwide!

  • Ideal for people of different ages to play together, making it a great family game
  • Reinforces STEM skills like sequencing and pattern recognition


Playing the Game

Rummikub tiles

Rummikub Game

Rummikub Joker

Rummikub Game

Easy to learn basics

The goal is to be the first player to use all the tiles in your rack by creating sets on the table. Each set must have at least 3 tiles. Sets can be in groups (at least 3 of the same number in different colors) or runs (3 or more tiles with consecutive numbers in the same color).

To begin the game, you must place tiles from your rack into sets that total at least 30 points. If you cannot play tiles from your rack, you must draw a tile from the pool, ending your turn.

Strategize & manipulate the board

After the initial meld, you can now manipulate any tiles on the board to help you become the winning player!

Applying strategy in manipulating tiles is an exciting part of playing Rummikub. Using at least one tile from their own rack, players try to lay as many tiles as possible on the table by forming new sets and rearranging or adding on to existing sets. Existing sets can be manipulated in many ways but must follow the rules for groups and runs.

Jokers add excitement to the game

Jokers can be used as any color and number to complete a set. On future turns, a Joker can be retrieved from a set on the table by a player who can replace it with a tile of the same number and color the Joker represents.

When a player retrieves a Joker, the Joker will once again have any value or color. The player must use the Joker immediately to make a new set and must also use at least one tile from his/her rack, as on any other turn.

Winning the game

The first player to clear his/her rack of all tiles wins!

Other players then add up the value of the tiles they are holding as a negative figure and the winner of the game receives a positive score equal to the total of all the other player’s points. Play wisely – the penalty for having a Joker on your rack is 30 points.




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