Shirt Folding Board – Laundry Folded in Minutes!

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Shirt Folding Board – Get your Laundry Folded in Minutes!  (& maybe even bonus helpers!)


Shirt Folding Board

I’m so excited to share this item today! Why? Because this small inexpensive laundry folding board has literally changed our lives! Let’s just say it makes doing laundry a ‘breeze’. I find that it either shortens the time it takes to fold to a quarter of the time or it helps you have the perfect folding piles you always wish you had. Since I’m already a perfectionist (trust me, it’s not a good thing!) & always took forever to fold everything down to the perfect size & shape, it helps me with both. Best of all, it motivates my kids to help out with the laundry. It’s fun to use & leaves them with a pile that looks like Mommy’s. (That’s another reason why they are able to help. I was never pleased with the outcome until now!) ***** This item is rated 5 stars by SNAGGERLY*****

Best Shirt Folding Board Features:

  • The Sturdiest Design, More Durable Materials,
  • Folds very smoothly, which means that it takes less time to get your load folded.
  • The Highest Customer Reviews Score In Shirt Folders.
  • Over 10 Year Experience, Over 8 Professional Designs.
  • Only 3 Steps And 3 Seconds To Make Things Done, Easy to Use.
  • Perfect for folding trousers, shorts, pajamas, t-shirts etc.
  • Nontoxic certificate.
We use it for everything!

Pros & CONS of the Boxlegend Shirt folding board

  • Shortens the time it takes to fold laundry
  • Creates a uniform look to shelves and drawers
  • Allows children to help with laundry chores without fearing that it won't be neat.
  • It's Another item that needs to be stored

Conclusion: Well worth the storage space!


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  1. Wow! this deal is amazing! My kids love it. Now I got some little helpers!

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