What is taking up space on my hard drive?

What is taking up all the space on my hard drive?

Check your photos!

Gone are the days when we’d take a sacred picture, and then send them to get developed – only to find out that the camera moved & we now have a fuzzy photo as a souvenir of a memorable event.

In today’s digital age, multiple photos are taken & viewed instantaneously. But with our new convenience, came a new issue:

Smart Photo STORAGE

If you are like most people, you empty your camera card onto your computer once in a blue moon or struggle with a full card, constantly erasing old photos that weren’t the greatest. But did you know that storing photos on your computer is a bad choice?

Computers are like closets, When they are new, there is loads of room for dumping. But after a little while, the storage actually gets full & it compromises the speed and efficiency of the computer. 

Think you can just hit delete on old photos? Not so fast! In an attempt to help you should you close your computer suddenly, files are created to back up your docs/photos on your hard drive – using precious computer memory on needless files.


The solution? 

I like to get memory cards that are sufficient for my photo & video needs for one year. For me, a Sandisk 32GB Memory card suffices. This cute little memory card case can hold 12 years’ worth of photos in the palm of your hand.

It’s actually pretty easy to set up the system: As soon as January 1st rolls around, I just slip my memory card into the case & start a new one – Even if it’s not filled to capacity. Just be sure to write the year on it for easy viewing!

I do like to have 1 large 512 GB that I copy all my cards to (during summer vacation) which I use as a backup & store it in a different place.

Easy! Your “Photo Albums” are now super organized!



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