What to Stock up on for Covid19 Quarantines

What to Stock up on for Covid19 Quarantine

Worried about Covid 19? Worried about being quarantined? Now be honest, which are you more scared of? I for one, am far more scared of the panic than the actual disease. (This is untrue for seniors though)

So with school and work closures ahead, I am planning for the situation as follows:

Keep in mind that while it’s important not to panic and scare the kids, it is imperative that you are well prepared for the event.

3 Categories for the Stock-up Plan: 

1. Hygiene: (Get enough for 1 month)

toilet paper




paper towels




baby shampoo


2. Food 

Try to stock your fridge/ freezer with perishables for the short term and your pantry with shelf stable items for an event of prolonged grocery closures. I like the idea of buying at Walmart or Target as opposed to Amazon, so you have the option of delivery or pickup in store (both will bring your order out to you)

Get enough For 1 week:



eggs (can be kept in a cool dry place thats not refrigerated)

Meat and chicken

For the long haul:





Canned vegetables

Bottled water


3. Entertainment 

Since this is not considered essential, its likely to be the first category of stores to shut down. And FEMA wont be bringing stuff for the kids to do! If you value your sanity and that of your children, please stock up on educational toys, games, and projects so they wont be spending 1,200 plus hours at the TV.

Some good ideas are:

Games like Monopoly, Risk, Settlers of Catan for the older children and Skippity, Stratego, and matching for the little ones. Cheap card games are great for the whole family as well. We recommend Uno, Monopoly deal, Blink and Spot it! 

Additionally,  if your children have a talent, it’s a great time to develop it.

Stock up on art supplies like canvas, pencils, oil pastels and paint. There are great books and online tutorials that can help develop art talents while home from school.


For the Music inclined, What a great time to invest in a keyboard or guitar. This is sure to keep your children busy for hours each day while developing a favorite pastime that will be wonderful for them throughout their lives. 

Its great for children an area in which they excel. Whether its sports, music or gymnastics, take time to allow your child to develop  those talents so he or she can shine in something he’s good at. It works wonders for their confidence levels as well as mood boosters.


Lastly, why not get working on your garden. Kids love planting grass, flowers or even vegetables.





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